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Weather Station for New Brighton

New Weather Station for New Brighton

For  several last weeks, a group of local kitesurfers, worked on new weather station for New Brighton/ Wallasey area.

A couple days ago, after final tests, Weather Station’s website, finally has been launched !!!

The aim of the project was to create a cross-platform tool that gives you all the information you need to decide “weather” a trip to the beach is really worth it.

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You can use links:


or alternatively:


How does it work:

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The Weather Station

Whole device was installed at ours friend Andy’s house, who lives on hill in Wallasey. He lives a stones throw from the beach, and living on a hill means the wind is constant there. It send RF signals to a Raspberry Pi computer inside the house, running a Raspberry Pi optimised, linux based program called WView, that compiles the live information into an SQL Database once a minute and uploads it to the internet. The website is built using a CSS library called Bootstrap. This allows for responsive webpages, that render beautifully on all screen sizes. The weather information is also uploaded in real time to Wunderground, which uses personal weather stations, to create localised weather forecasts.


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