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Short history of SU-2 Kiteboards

Short history of SU-2 Kiteboards


SU2 has been manufacturing boards since 1992. At first, they focused on custom windsurfing boards. In 1999, we launched the production of kitesurfing boards as one of the first companies in the world. We have been manufacturing kitesurfing-only boards ever since.
The very first SU-2 kite board was produced in 1999. Back then, the market was in its nappies, unsure of which direction to go. That time  was  called the age of “happy improvisation and experimentation”. There were tested lots of new designs and enjoyed surprising and unexpected effects. After a couple of years of challenging work done and tons of various materials used, SU-2 is proud to present the high-tech boards which are unique, complex and different from any other boards on the market. Hugely popular in Poland, they are becoming recognised around the world.

Success of these boards was achieved with no marketing tricks. We have never advertised in kite mags. They have found that opinions spread by satisfied customers are the best advertisement. Once they ride the boards and like them, they become addicted to them. Then, they share this revelation with their friends. This has been working like a domino effect. After over 10 years being on the market and thousands of boards sold, SU-2 have finally decided to create the official SU-2 website that aims at reaching more riders around the globe. First of all, it will give more useful information to our customers.

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