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Airush Varial X

Airush Varial X

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Airush Varial X


For riders who are looking for an extra kick in their riding, the ALL-new Varial X takes the lead as the highest performing all-around kite in the Airush range. A fully redesigned 3 strut SL-C, the Varial X combines the low-end power and stability of the Wave, with the premium performance of the Razor Team, to give you the best combination of free-ride, wave riding, and wake-style in a 4 line set up.

The flatter wing tips on the Varial X take the inspiration of the Razor Team and Wave allowing for more of a C-kite feel, response and direct steering that these riders have grown to love.

Moderate bar pressure on the new Varial X makes it extremely easy for riders to feel the kite at every turn.  Taking inspiration from the Razor Team, the Varial X has a fine foil, which means that upwind ability and popping are just as good. This is optimal for an everyday, freestyle enthusiast looking for a wake-style preforming kite in a 4 line, bridled design.


 Varial X Tech

Poly Load Frame

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the Aramid Load Frame being used in the Razor Team and Wave, Airush has decided to implement the same concept of structural integrity and performance into the Lithium and Varial X with the all-new Poly Load Frame. Durable Polyester Fibers are used just like the Aramid, strategically placed along the kite to give more of a solid connection and to prevent stretching throughout the canopy. This proven technique is one of a kind and is only used with Airush kites.


All Airush kites feature the Hardcore Construction, a focus and commitment to structural integrity.

  • This includes a 4 piece strut with bomb proof double sandwich centre seam to reduce the amount of stitching points for reduce wear as well as increased rigidity.
  • A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes.
  • Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.


Featured on all the 2014 Airush Kites, with the exception of the Razor Team and DNA, the V3 Bridle System adds not only to the safety benefits, but also contributes significantly to the feeling and performance of the kites. The positioning of the bridle attachment points on the LE of the kite, combined with the V pulleys, gives a very smooth and responsive de-power. This allows for steering that is light, but direct enough to feel where your kite is while riding.  This also enables the kite to be steered and controlled when the kite is completely de-powered which is ideal for wave riding.


The Supported Leading Edge C-Kite, or SL-C, is dedicated to riders who want the most out of a 4-line.   The SL-C concept gives a C-Shape arc, which delivers great turning and direct response in combination with Support Leading edge range and relaunching.


The 2014 Varial X was a prime focus of the 2014 Kite range. We were looking to completely redesigned this kite and from the looks of it we did. From a 5 strut, fairly swept wing tip design to a 3 strut, lower aspect, square wingtip design – the Varial X has stoked everyone. We took a look at the 2013 Varial X customers – realized these riders are people who have outgrown the Lithium in terms of turning speed, bar pressure, unhooked riding, and jumping but are not necessarily ready for the Razor. They are not committed to one style of riding, whether big boosting, wave riding, wakestyle or freeride. We give them this option in the Varial X kite.


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