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Airush Razor

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Airush Razor Team


Designed in conjunction with Vice World Champions; Alex Pastor and Bruna Kajiya, Dutch Champion Bas Koole, and South African Champion Oswald Smith, the Razor Team is the C-kite of choice.

The 2014 Airush Razor Team keeps the C-kite feel and performance that wakestyle and freestyle riders demand. While maintaining these characteristics of amazing pop, unhooked ability and kite looping, the Razor Team has great range and comfort for everyday riders. Never has a kite delivered the highest level of performance within the reach of intermediate riders, while keeping pro riders on top of the podium.

The proven Aramid Load Frame is combined with the new Technoforce D2 Canopy on the Team Series Kites, for the ultimate combination of durability and performance.

The Razor Team works best with the Smartbar 5  in 5th line version 





All Airush kites feature the Hardcore Construction, a focus and commitment to structural integrity.

  • This includes a 4 piece strut with bomb proof double sandwich centre seam to reduce the amount of stitching points for reduce wear as well as increased rigidity.
  • A Leading Edge connection seam with a slick 19mm soft webbing reinforcement to handle harder crashes.
  • Increased mark cloth sections at the front of all canopy seams at the leading edge to stop stitching and seam wear points.


Airush revolutionizes the way kites are made with the all-new Aramid Load Frame technology. Aramid, found in bulletproof vests, is strategically placed throughout the kite to create a frame that improves the kites structure and response. This construction absorbs impact throughout the canopy, minimizes stretch and reduces the area between each stitch point, further increasing the strength of the kite. Not only does the frame create a solid structure but also increases performance. The Aramid Load Frame makes a more solid link throughout the entire kite, which enhances the response from rider to kite.

In its first year, the Aramid Load Frame is featured on the Razor Team and the Wave. Two ranges that see the most abuse and beating from our riders, Airush find it absolutely necessary to implement this construction in these kites to maximize the longevity.



The Airush Razor and Razor Team feature the 5th Line design. The 5th line allows for a simple, safe and effective support system. Ideal for thinner leading edge and a C-shape arc, the 5th line maximizes the performance of the Razor design without adding complexity of bridles.


The C-kite shape has been regarded as one of the most high performance kite designs to date. Featuring forward flying for upwind ability, immense pop and slack for freestyle/wakestyle maneuvers, and the most direct feel from the bar. Airush has taken these characteristics of the C-kite and added the demands of the New School rider who requires a wider wind range, customizable tuning and greater stability.


Airush Razor was designed the Razor Team with our team riders like Alex Pastor, Bruna Kajiya, Bas Koole and Oswald Smith with only one focus, to make a kite worth competing on while still maintain easy to use and comfortable characteristics. We focused on as much pop and slack as possible for the wakestyle and freestyle crew – while still putting heaps of depower and great kitelooping for your everyday freeriders. The C-Kite has two settings on the front lines, giving you the option of going full wakestyle with massive pop and minimal range, or more freeride for lots of depower.

For everyday freestyle the best front line adjustment would be the blue pigtail.  This will allow for a lot more range or depower in the kite.  It’s pretty good setting for riders learning new tricks and letting go of the bar – you won’t get hammered as much!

For wakestyle riders and people who want more pop, go for the red pigtail on the front lines.  This will give you the most pop possible out of the Razor.  The trade off will be the range of the kite will decrease – you will need to start using your board to control your speed instead!

The back lines need to be adjusted accordingly to have the perfect balance when unhooking.  We would suggest if you are riding it in the freestyle mode to drop the back lines down 1-2 knots.  Depending on your speed preferences, bringing the back line closer to the front of the kite will slow it down – perfect for wakestyle, park and unhook tricks.  For kiteloops or just fun freestyle – we would suggest the last two points for an extremely aggressive and maneuverable kite.






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