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SU-2 Proseries

SU-2 Proseries

Price: £459.00

  • SU-2 ProSeries 142x42
  • SU-2 ProSeries 134x40
  • SU-2 ProSeries 138x41
  • SU-2 ProSeries 130x39

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Board is constructed to match the expectations of the broadest possible group of Riders. It is purposed both for the freeride and the freestyle. It enables maintaining the full control during the high speed. Its shape, running of a rocker and stiffness provide the gentle taking on the squalls, easier and softer breaking through the waves and soft landing after high jumps. Thanks to it, you will feel the fool comfort during the rough ride. It perfectly suppresses vibrations and enables the dynamic pop. Its stiffness is perfectly matched to the depth of the elliptic CONCAVE, which brings the control in all the weather conditions and on the majority of water reservoirs. It goes extremely closed hauled and it can be used as a board fit for the low winds by the experienced Rider.

Proseries 3D is the extremely maneuverable board, pretty hard, but more durable. It is a perfect fit for the geninning and intermediate Riders. It enables the total control in all the weather conditions. The use of the latest technology and high- quality materials enabled SU-2 to develop equipment, that will meet the expectations of even the most picky kiteboarders. Competitive not only because of the nautical characteristics but also because of its price, this board enables huge progress regardless of whether you are starting your adventure with kite or you are already advanced.

 Board come with high quality accessories: soft and comfortable silicon foot pads providing great grip and straps which can be easily regulated to match rider's preferences as well as durable G-10 fins.


Advanced construction of the 3D INSIDE core. Laminar structure without knockouts (only the TIPS have them),which provides resistance to fracture during the big bent maintaining the longitudinal and transverse stability at the same time.

Profiled on the hybrid core consisting of 70% of wood reinforced with the carbon- glass fiber, bonded with epoxy resin with the high strength parameters. The whole is protected by the special foil resistant to mechanical damages and the thermal and weather conditions.

Regulated stance : 56-62 cm


  • 130x39
  • 134x40
  • 138x41
  • 142x42




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