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SU-2 Prorider 3D

SU-2 Prorider 3D

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SU-2 Prorider 3D is a flagship SU-2 product, which has already developed reputation.

This is the first model for riding in footstraps and wake boots, it’s also the first choice of riders around the world.The channel along the entire bottom provides greater stability while tracking and landing, then the flat part of the deck allows you to attach both footstraps and wakeboarding boots. This universal model has been specially designed for high-power rides, and is also quite popular among women riders. If you’re looking to find your own way, if you’re still unsure whether you prefer old school or new school, or maybe you love both riding styles or simply want a stable, agile board: the 3D model is for you!

This is the best board from the beginning trough intermediate to advanced Riders, thanks to it - you will enter the whole new level of kite skills. This board forgives mistakes of beginners and highlights assets of the intermediates enabling polishing the skills to the highest possible extend.

It is characterized by the high maneuverability and nice POP. It is extremely stable, thus it is recommended for all those who want to begin their adventure with kite. This board is the effect of long-lasting experiments and consults with the best Riders, which enabled creating the board which is versatile, durable and provides the biggest fun from the ride. Improving the technique has never been so easy!


Boards are manufactured in Poland, and made in the supreme style of mixing best materials together. The core of the PRORIDER is a combination of ultralight AIRFLEX foam, high quality pre-laminated wood centre core and fibreglass multiple layers.

Parts for each single board are cut and shaped by the CNC machines. They are laminated together and every board is fully handcrafted by factory professionals.

Boards are equipped in the high grade the accessories - soft and comfortable of silicone pads on palettes, well holding with the large range of the regulation footstraps, high durable G-10. fins


  • 132cm x 40
  • 136cm x 41,
  • 140cm x 42
  • 144cm x 43

Regulated stance : 56-62 cm






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