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SU-2 Prorider 3D Bamboo

SU-2 Prorider 3D Bamboo

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SU-2 ProRider 3D Bamboo , is a board about most advanced technological design for most exacting riders, having the greatest freestyle potential, giving full control even in most difficult conditions, during complicated evolutions and tricks.

The transparent finish "on the brilliant polish gloss" with the visible structure of exotic wood, the delicate graphics gives to the board the subtle, exclusive and unique character.

Use of bamboo-wood improved significantly the dynamics of the construction of the board.

Makes board stiffer, directed to most demanding riders who needs full control during power or overpower sessions.

As the topcoat was used high fault-tolerant mechanical laminate which efficiently protects at the accidental contact with sharp stones, rocks or pieces of the reef.

The wide range of wind, the ease of control, gives less advanced riders quickly and easily improve their skills.

The shape Prorider – Bamboo, lets on earlier entry into the slide, gives the greater control at high speeds and difficult conditions, and produces evidence with the large efficiency ride upwind.

The new rocker shape causes that even the most difficult power landing becomes very easy. Applied core of hybrid made mostly from high grade wood, causes PRORIDER – Bamboo has an unparalleled pop potential, the simultaneously construction efficiently eliminate undesirable vibrations.


Boards are manufactured in Poland, and made in the supreme style of mixing best materials together. The core of the PRORIDER-BAMBOO is a combination of ultralight AIRFLEX foam, high quality pre-laminated wood centre core with carbon and fibreglass multiple layers.

Unique bamboo-wood layer improves stiffens, needed during most difficult conditions and extreme evolutions, giving spectacular visual effect of natural wood cover as well.

Parts for each single board are cut and shaped by the CNC machines. They are laminated together and every board is fully handcrafted by factory professionals.



silicone pads
G10 EPOXY fins



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