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SU-2 BigFoot

SU-2 BigFoot

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A main principle during design SU-2 BigFoot was the enlargement the low range of wind at which the riding itself gives still a lot fun, without the necessity of the use big sizes kites which change kitesurfing into sailing

Concave, low weight, rocker shape, outline and thin rails, cause that BigFoot has improbably possibilities of easy riding upwind. At low and very low winds instead of keeping course, we can without the stress exercise jumps and tricks.

Riding on this board, there is no impression, we have clung something heavy to our legs what makes difficult evolutions - on the contrary, many evolutions such size makes easy because the board longer and easier remains afloat, at smaller speeds what gives to us more the time for reactions.

At high winds SU-2 BigFoot keeps very correctly, does not cause problems with the down or upwind sliding.

On this board rudiments of  adventure with kiteboarding become a lot simpler and easier, simultaneously this board does not become in a month „a block” of which we want quickly to get rid.

Advanced riders which have often „an allergy” on greater sizes of kites often choose BigFoot, to be glad with the efficiency and the speed of smaller kites at lower winds.


Boards are manufactured in Poland, and made in the supreme style of mixing best materials together. The core of boards is a combination of ultralight AIRFLEX foam, high quality pre-laminated wood centre core with fibreglass multiple layers.

Parts for each single board are cut and shaped by the CNC machines. They are laminated together and every board is fully hand-crafted by factory professionals.


  • 140x45
  • 145x45
  • 150x45
  • 155x45

Regulated stance : 56-62 cm
silicone pads

G10 EPOXY fins



SU-2 BigFoot Kiteboarding board: SU-2 Bigfoot Kite boarding boards, twintip kitesurfing boards, directed especially for heavier riders, above 95kg, or for riders who looking big boards for light wind conditions, when standard size board is too small, or riders want to avoid using big size kites to expand theirs wind range.

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