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Last weekend of August – Kitesurfing lessons

Last weekend of August – Kitesurfing lessons

Kitesurfing lessons in North Wales

All last weekend of August we spend on the lovely North Wales beach teaching new adepts how to fly kites.

Over two days of very good conditions, fresh flyers got amazing experience with kitesurfing.

There is my short report how we did over weekend, hope you enjoy it:


First day we introduce equipment, explained how wind window looks and how kite drives in any part of the window.

Then we dealt with kitesurfing dictionary and slang, named parts of kite, safety system, bar, de-power, harness, safety vest, helmets, wetsuits and accessories.

How to choose spot to fly, estimate wind conditions and avoid potential dangers.

Next we started with small size kite – explained how to set-up and connect kite and lines, how to launch and land kite on land, what to do or not to do in particular situations.

Next stage was practice in the water – steering kites, landing on the surface, launching kite from the water, using safety release system.

Then we started body-dragging :D , most exciting exercises of the day !!!

 DAY 2

we continued practising body dragging, introduced bodydrags upwind, bodydrags with a board,

improved dealing with kite, shearing spot with other users, learnt kite rights of way.

At the end we explained self-rescue actions, why is this so important and how we can safety come back to shore.

After session we dried and packed our equipment on the beach, changed and went for dinner :D



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