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  • 50£  

If you’re not sure, your ready for a kitesurfing course or perhaps you just want to have fun.
Two hour course using trainer kites on the beach will give you a great opportunity, and a solid understanding on some of the skills involved within kitesurfing.
Perhaps this would be your first steps into kitesurfing and you decide to taste more in the future.
We will show you the first two hours of what you usually would expect on a complete kitesurfing course.
Once some time has been spent on the power kites, we will introduce a kitesurfing kite, depending on wind conditions.

  • 80£ 

A day introduction course,  includes all the above from our  taster session, plus we will invite you into the water for some experience with body dragging.
This will allow you to feel and understand the proper large water kites more.
You will be able to taste their flying characteristics and power whilst being safely dragged through the water with an instructor.

  • 200£

2days kitesurfing course including all skills above , self rescue, boards starts, balance on a kiteboard and first slides
This covers equivalent IKO I and as much as time allows from IKO II.


All what you need:

comfortable sports cloths – wind stoppers and hat for your own comfort,

towel – after water sessions,

Sun cream and sunglasses – sunny days.

We provide:

wetsuits, trainer kites, kitesurfing kites and boards, harnesses and safety helmets.

Where? When?

We usually visit spots in South Wales, where we can find wind on the shore.

Mostly weekends, but if you can find any day weekdays, no problem, give us a call and we do this.

We prefer max. 2 persons per instructor, but solo lessons are very welcome too :)

Just call us – 07845 365 488 and we arrange everything.




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