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Bandit 7 is announced

Bandit 7 is announced

Bandit 7 new collection for 2014

Finally after weeks of speculations, new model F-one Bandit was announced couple of hours ago !!!

Below you can read, what Raphael SallesF-one Brand Father was saying about new kites:

We are very proud to present the new BANDIT. Featuring once again some significant improvements, this kite will amaze you one more time!

“I could just tell you that we have kept its exceptional power with improved bar feeling. That the kite is more comfortable, with an up-range control feel yet unheard of. That maneuverability is ever more precise and jumping even easier with an impressive hang-time and flight capacity, as well as many more qualities depending on your riding style.

Yet, what will strike you the most is this new feeling to be in direct connection with the kite, as if you could fly it directly from the tip of your hands. You feel precisely everything that you do and it all becomes a lot more accurate and easier. Just as if you were a pro-rider! The kite profile is stable; all parasitic movements have been eliminated and your bar feeling is clearer.
On this new BANDIT, we have also significantly reduced lateral traction without compromising the available power for an early planning and this has made the kite less physical to ride. The net result is that you have more control on your board to carve and edge. To get such significant improvements, we have upgraded our fabric to the double ripstop TECHNOFORCE™ from TEIJIN.

This new material brings superior wearing strength and better control of the profiles in flight thanks to its added stability.
Clearly, no stones were left unturned and with a rigorous design approach our new designer Robert GRAHAM has been able to further refine the characteristics of our Delta shape concept to achieve so many improvements and new qualities.

A devoted and efficient testing team, notably including Mika FERNANDEZ, more than 80 prototypes with a new designer and a new fabric, complete redefining of the kite with ever deeper analysis and a LOT of passion… All these have been combined to offer you some truly new and unique riding sensations! “

Colour options for new Bandit 7

New features in Bandit 7 construction

New Bar and Safety System

2014 Kite bar arriving end of 2013, featuring brand new push-away quick release.
The new 2014 quick release will be compatible with BANDIT 4, 5 & 6 and available as a spare part beginning 2014.
The new BANDIT is compatible with 2013 kite bar.

The bar of the new BANDIT will deliver great sensations through its direct steering and control.

It was reworked to deliver maximum sensations to the rider. The entire kite feels very solid when it flies.

Bar sensation is firm but not heavy and all commands and feedback are direct between the rider in the kite.

The BANDIT will deliver unmatched levels of control and precision in your flying giving the rider more confidence and serenity to learn new moves. With its new refined aerodynamic design, the BANDIT will feel lighter and smoother in your hands, making it feel like you’re riding smaller kite.

Sizes and Wind Range:

5 m² – 30 + knts

6 m² – 28 + knts

7 m² – 25 + knts

8 m² – 20 > 35 knts

9 m² – 15 > 30 knts

10 m² – 12 > 26 knts

11 m² – 11 > 24 knts

12 m² – 10 > 22 knts

14 m² – 8 > 18 knts


There is full PDF brochure for F-ONE 2014 products:



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